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Award winning Mike Kipling is one of the North of England's most successful and well-known photographers. Originally from Scarborough and educated at Newcastle University he is now based at Guisborough and lives on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. His favourite location for photography. His distinctive style is regularly seen in a number of up market monthly periodicals, calendars and book illustrations. For two years running Mike took top honours in the Epson Digital Vision Competition. Mike's picture of heather burners on the Yorkshire Moors was awarded first place in the competition. In the following year Mike won the UK professional category with his picture of Limestone Paving at Malham in the Yorkshire Dales.

Mike is equally comfortable creating striking landscape and townscape shots of the beautiful scenery and historic towns of Northern England as he is photographing the activity in a busy factory or office environment.

A former town planner, Mike first became interested in photography 30 years ago primarily to record environmental issues. Recognition through a number of international and national awards encouraged Mike with a partner to establish the Colorbank Picture Library in 1988. Mike Kipling Photography was established in 1995 when Mike's partner retired from the business. The business has two main strands:

The Picture Library

This is a specialist library dealing primarily with North Yorkshire and Northern England. Mike concentrates on photographing all aspects of the area from York to Northumberland and from the North East Coast to Cumbria. This area is all within 100 miles of Mike's base at Guisborough. Concentrating on such a compact area means the library has images in depth not available elsewhere and a greater choice of images of the regions main icons and attractions. The collection now runs to 1000s of high quality stock photos depicting the landscape, coast, castles, abbeys, moors, dales, towns and villages of North Yorkshire, Teesside, Durham, Northumberland and the Lake District. These images are available to select on line and this is arguably the largest on line collection of this region. We are a small family business and we can be more responsive to individual requirements than large national libraries and as we are located in the area we intimately know the area we are dealing with. Our overheads are low we can therefore be very cost effective.

Most photography is now carried on digital capture professional Canon cameras producing files of approx 60 megabyte. Although at this stage not a mainstay of the library, images of other UK locations are added as and when Mike makes a visit. Mike also makes several overseas photographic trips per year primarily to add images to specialist travel libraries. Selections of these images are now added to an international section and a full selection is available at Alamy.com.

Commissioned Photography

Mike is in much demand to carry out commissioned photography in the region. His background in the public sector associated with development, tourism and regeneration means he is often engaged to work for Regional Development Agencies, Tourist Boards, National Agencies and Local Authorities. He is also regularly commissioned by developers to photograph completed projects. The emphasis of Mike's work is on 'feel good photography' and for this good weather and light is essential, a commodity often lacking in this part of England and this does limit the amount of work that can be taken on and the distance travelled.

Commissions are undertaken on Canon 1DS mk3 and 5d2 digital capture cameras. Prices are by negotiation and the digital files become the property of the client. Some examples.

The Future

The immediate objective is to get many more images on line for viewing. This is an ongoing task so it is always worth revisiting the site to browse. However if the image of North Yorkshire or North East England you want is not there it is worth a call or an e-mail as the site only includes only a selection of the film library shots available.


After many requests we are now able to offer super quality prints of any of the photographs on the web site ready for mounting and framing. Mike has at last found a local processing lab that will print to his specification and quality. The photographs are printed on Fuji or Kodak glossy photographic paper which is archival safe and brings out all the full tonal characteristics of the original image. You can order from the enlarged image or direct. In association with a specialist Yorkshire canvas printer we can now offer high quality 3D canvas prints ready for hanging.

Photo Tutition

Together with fellow photographers Brian Jobson and John Devlin we have founded MasterDigital to give professional photo tuition. Our one day and half day 121 courses cover getting to know your camera and a basic introduction to landscape photography

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